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Beautiful, rich and pure -

aspire to be like me.

Pansy Parkinson
12 April
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English folklore holds that to pick a pansy with the dew still on it will cause the death of a loved one. Pansies were considered by Victorians to be a bad luck gift for a man.

Name: Pansy Camellia Parkinson

House: Slytherin

Year: Sixth

Appearance: Pansy is slightly taller than average height, and has a slender figure. She has shoulder length dark brown/black hair, grey-blue eyes that she often smothers in make-up and a thin, upturned nose, which used to be quite squashed up and pug-like until she altered it with magic (and went a little bit too far).

Talents: Pansy is not very clever when it comes to lessons, but she is rather inventive with her hexes, having spent many hours researching rather unorthodox curses from the old books her parents own. She is also very good at being bitchy and putting people down, but apart from that she is nothing special. However, she believes she is special mainly because she is a pureblood and in Slytherin.

History: Pansy is very ambitious, but hates hard work. She was born into a rich, pureblood family, and is expected to marry a rich pureblood wizard (preferably Draco Malfoy, whom she has known since childhood). Pansy's parents are not Death Eaters, but they are very supportive of the Cause (putting mudbloods in their place, and hopefully ridding the world of them in the future) and everyone knows it. Because she grew up with this attitude around her, Pansy naturally considers Muggles, mudbloods and halfbloods to be inferior to her.

Pansy doesn't want to work when she leaves Hogwarts. She wants to have lots of parties to show off her wealth and elegance, and possibly have little Death Eater babies later on. She has a huge crush on Draco, and would do anything for him, but would die before acting silly and letting her crush show. As far as everyone else is concerned, she merely likes Draco. He gets to see a side of her that is rarely, if ever, shown to anyone else - a gentle, non-bitchy side.

Well, obviously I'm in slytherin, moron. Where else would I be?